Benefits Of Choosing Igrab

We are providing the elegance and class under the name of We have been running an online business of selling modern cabinet handles and crystal drawer knobs since a long time in Melbourne, Australia and Peth. We have specialized in all kinds of handles that is not readily available in the market. We have different varieties of handles of different colours, sizes and shapes. The selection is solely customers choice which ever they choose, we are here to guide you as well. At igrab, we work as a family and we consider our customers as our family member so we provide you with the best quality. Now, the question arises here is that why to choose igrab when there is a huge market of kitchen handles in the city. Following are the benefits which we are providing that urges you to shop from us. 

  • Size: 
    We have almost five to six sizes of each handle available at our website. We have mentioned all the measurements of sizes so that there would be no confusion and customers can easily make their decision as to which size they want according to the space on the cabinet. 
  • Shape: 
    We offer different shapes of the handles. Some people like straight handles, some people like curves in the handles and some like a bit long and curvy. They face a lot of troubles when they have this kind of choices. They have to explore the whole market in search of the choice of the handle. It takes a huge chunk of time and effort as it is not easy to find something in a sunny day. We provide you all the options on your computer or laptop screen. You can easily sit in the AC room and make your choice. 
  • Colour: 
    We have all the colour available which our customers demand for. We also give you an option to make the handles customized. Like if you want two colours in the same handle then we can do that also according to the needs and demands. 
  • Polished Handle: 
    We sell polished handles as well. You can make customized polished handles. We do polish according to the choice of your colour. We show you the sample and then we go ahead and make the rest of the handles just to avoid any inconvenience in the end. 
  • Shiny and Matte: 
    As we all know, choices of human being differ from one person to another person. A few people like soft shiny stuff whereas few people are more towards picking up matte stuff. So, we give both the options of handles. In a nut shell, we have everything to satisfy each of our customers having different choices and demands. We promise to convey the best quality a customer can ask for. Ecommerce-sale