Beauty Products Made From Honey

Everyone wants to be or look more beautiful in their own ways. Aside from different methods or machines invented to help you achieve your desirable look, a wide variety of products naturally made are safe to use for your everyday beauty regimen. As the golden syrup is becoming more popular natural ingredient, a wide range of products made from it are available to markets and online. Below are some products made from it that we can use from head to foot.

Hair conditioning cream

Hair conditioning creams made from raw honey helps in repairing dull and damage hairs. It gives a smooth and shiny effect to all hair types. It also serves as a protectant from heat directly from sunlight. It is recommended to use daily after shampoo. Most hair conditioning cream made from the golden syrup promotes its product with a tag line of “salon level effect for all damaged hairs after every use”

Facial oi

Facial oil is every girl’s friend. It locks in moisture to your skin and prevents or slows down water loss to your face. Argan oil, oatmeal and organic honey are normally mixed up to create facial oil nourishing to your skin. You can add this oil to your daily cream for a more glowing skin with anti-aging properties.

Facial Serum

It is a combination of hyaluronic acid and honey that gives a dewy and smooth skin. Honey facial serums are just perfect for skin’s hydration especially during winter season.

Facial mask

You can simply apply pure golden syrup to your face and leave it for some time or use the ready made mask available in drugstores. Just make sure that your face is clean and dry before applying mask. Honey facial mask is good for skin’s hydration.

Lip balm

Honey lip balm protects you from having dry and chapped lips. Honey has anti-bacterial properties that help to moisturize lips. Together with Coconut oil, sunflower oil, beeswax it is indeed a perfect mix to protect your lips.

Hand cream

Don’t be embarrassed with your hard and rough hands as a result of all your hard work. It can be treated with hand cream made from the golden syrup and shea butter. It has a thick yet non-greasy consistency that can make your hands feeling soft all day.

Body wash

Honey is normally combined to lemon or coconut oil for a refreshing body wash. It cleanses and moisturizes your body for all skin types. The golden syrup also contains most of the vitamins and nutrients needed of the skin. It doesn’t give a sticky feeling and leaves your skin soft and fragrant all throughout the day.

Body lotion

The golden syrup has its own hydrating and moisturizing properties that keeps your skin moisturize and revitalize leaving the skin perfectly soft. Apply it regularly after bath and before bed time.